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Virtual guide to the Celovški dvori residential complex

BAMC is pre-testing business interest in setting up business establishments in the residential complex

Ljubljana, 15 July 2015 – Earlier today, BAMC launched the website This is  a virtual guide to the residential and commercial units which will be sold in the Celovški dvori complex after the transfer from the bankruptcy estate is finalized. Although the real estate in Celovški dvori are not yet under its ownership, BAMC’s publication of the website is to test in advance the interest of businesses to establish operations in the commercial premises located in the residential complex, and provide the public with a complete information resource about the neighborhood. 

Ever since the transfer of claims from the banks in early 2014, the BAMC has been making efforts to take over the residential and commercial units in Celovški dvori. In January 2014, BAMC proposed to the court and the bankruptcy trustee that all unsold apartments should be transferred to BAMC as so-called “non-disposable assets”, so that BAMC could begin to sell them. The bankruptcy trustee initiated the transfer process in the beginning of 2015. In the process, one of the creditors also exercised legal recourse in the matter. Due to the unpredictable nature of the procedures, it is difficult to foresee when the BAMC will actually come into the ownership of assets in Celovški dvori. BAMC is making efforts to work constructively with the bankruptcy trustee and succeed in the court granting it the status of a legitimate owner as soon as possible. 

Despite the fact that it is not yet the owner, BAMC is actively preparing for the takeover of real estate and conducting activities on various levels. After consulting the key stakeholders, BAMC also prepared preferential categories of business activities which will improve the quality of living in the neighborhood of existing and future homeowners. With the launch of the new website, BAMC is also providing the public a comprehensive informational resource about the neighborhood. The website is not an advance sale tool, it simply allows interested companies to submit tentative inquiries and indicative offers for the next 60 days.