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BAMC obtains international anti-corruption certificate from ETHIC Intelligence

BAMC was awarded the Anti-corruption Compliance System Certificate by the internationally well-known and respected French agency ETHIC Intelligence. This is a first-level certificate, which the Agency awards only after a comprehensive program has been successfully implemented. The BAMC program was designed to effectively take into account the recommendations of the Court of Auditors and the Commission for Preventing Corruption. The certification process includes an independent on-site detailed reviews of the organization’s activities and a structured review of the evaluator’s report by an international expert committee which is part of the ETHIC Intelligence program.

BAMC is pleased to see that its successful efforts have been noted by the Court of Auditors in its recently released report and also by Ethics Intelligence. BAMCs will expediently continue to address remaining concerns and its taking a continuous improvement approach in this important area.

Through the involvement of an independent, international expert organization, BAMC sought to test the design and implementation of its compliance and corruption risk prevention program – which includes measures that were recommended by the Commission for Prevention of Corruption and the Court of Audit but also measures originating from international good practices - and see how it compares to the highest international standards for this field.  BAMC decided to work with the organization ETHIC Intelligence, founded by Philippe Montigny, a former member of the Office of the Secretary-General of the OECD, because it is an internationally-renowned organization that has been reviewing, advising and issuing compliance and anti-corruption certificates since 2006.

ETHIC Intelligence is recognized for its in-depth on-site reviews, structured and transparent evaluation programs, a solid conflicts of interest prevention system, and the certification decisions are made by a committee of respected experts in corruption risk management. Organizations applying for the certificate are required to meet strict international standards, which includes a recommendation from one of the international institutions such as OECD, World Bank, ICC and TI.

“DUTB (BAMC) was particularly eager to use our certification process to identify areas for improvement in its anti-corruption compliance program and to strengthen and maintain the effectiveness of the program against evolving international best practices. The evaluations made by both the auditor and the ETHIC Intelligence committee of experts highlight BAMC’s efforts in this area and testify to their success. We are proud to include BAMC among the companies who have earned ETHIC Intelligence certification,” said the organization’s CEO Philippe Montigny following the conclusion of the certification process, whose most important element was the on-site review of BAMC’s operations.

The on-site review of BAMC’s operations was conducted in late March 2015 by the Swiss-based auditing firm SGS. As part of the review process, SGS’s senior consultant Van Klaveren conducted numerous interviews with heads of departments, the relevant project manager and the executive directors of the BAMC. SGS’s review was focused particularly on the effectiveness of BAMC’s operations and fulfillment of compliance requirements within the BAMC.