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Sale of RS38 bonds

On 5 October 2015, BAMC performed the collecting of binding offers for the sale of 1,490,087 lots of RS38 bonds, owned by BAMC. BAMC decided to sell the RS38 bonds for the purpose of repayment of the first issue of DUT01 bond maturing on 15 December 2015 in the amount of 502.5 million EUR plus accrued interest from all bonds issued in the amount of 45.5 million EUR, totaling 548.0 million EUR.
BAMC received offers to purchase 3,875,087 lots of RS38 bonds, which corresponds to the oversubscription of 2.6 times the offered quantity. BAMC accepted offers from nine bidders and sold all 1,490,087 lots of RS38 bonds. The achieved average weighted yield to maturity of all accepted offers was 0.36%. The obligations between the contracting parties shall be settled on 7 October 2015.