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BAMC filed a motion to grant BAMC the powers to recall management of SAVA d.d.

BAMC has today filed a motion to the District Court of Ljubljana to grant BAMC the powers to recall the entire Sava d.d. management.

Sava d. d. is insolvent, also having negative capital and a company without any true operations. Due to this fact and also due to the inconsistent restructuring efforts of the current management, BAMC has lost its trust in the current management´s ability to run the vital restructuring. This move by BAMC will not have any negative effect on the operations on the operating companies in the group, like Sava Turizem d.d. and Gorenjska banka d.d.

BAMC´s intention is to appoint in coordination with other creditors new management with relevant experience and expertise to stabilize the situation, as did in the case of Avtotehna d.d., where the outstanding results can already be seen.