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BAMC has already sold over 100 apartments in the Nokturno seaside residential complex

Ljubljana, 19 April 2017 – The Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) is continuing the successful sale of Nokturno apartments. Since the launch of the sale on 1 October 2016, BAMC has signed 90 sale contracts with apartment buyers, and booked reservations for an additional 15 apartments in the complex. This means that 105 apartment units are about to get new owners.

With the recent Nokturno apartment sales, BAMC is significantly boosting the average apartment sale numbers in the Koper region, where only approximately 17 apartments per month were sold in 2015 (source: GURS). In the second phase of the Nokturno apartment sales drive alone, i.e. from mid-February 2017, BAMC has already found owners for 58 apartments. Sold or reserved apartment units in Nokturno include 13 studio apartments, 42 one-bedroom apartments, 15 one-bedroom apartments with a den, and 35 large two- or three-bedroom apartments. Buyers can still bid on just over 100 apartments, roughly a quarter of which are smaller studios and one-bedroom apartments, 40 one-bedroom apartments with a den, and a similar number of large apartments. From 11 February 2017, BAMC is selling Nokturno apartments using the classic approach, with pre-determined asking prices. The asking prices are designed in accordance with current demand for residential units in the Nokturno residential complex, and were designed to follow along with the buyers' preferences and the growth of real estate prices in the coastal property market.

The Nokturno apartments are in the higher price range, with above-average indoor and terrace floor space, elevated ceilings and higher price range furnishings. All apartments have seaside views, giving the neighborhood a high quality of living for various segments of the population interested in buying residential properties. As of 20 March, the Parenzana, the road connecting the towns of Koper and Izola, has been closed off for traffic. In the future, the coastal belt is going to be dedicated more to social activities and recreation, which we expect will further increase the local real estate market value in combination with the development of new beach infrastructure.  

Additional information for potential buyers:

  • Detailed apartment pricing information is posted at the website, under the Apartments section.
  • We recommend booking a viewing slot in advance by calling our toll-free number 080 81 18, or by sending an e-mail to
  • The asking prices will be predefined and are not subject to negotiation.   
  • A GPS navigation app has been integrated into the website, which will guide you to the Nokturno residential complex.
  • BAMC offers a guarantee for latent defects, in accordance with the law.
  • The sale process is managed by the real estate agency ABC nepremičnine d.o.o., which was awarded the contract via public tender.