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DUTB’s new executive directors are Jože Jaklin and Andrej Prebil

Ljubljana, 24 October 2017 - During today's session of the the Board of Directors, DUTB's non-executive directors selected two executive directors for the new term. The new executive directors Jože Jaklin and Andrej Prebil will join Dr. Imre Balogh in tackling the future challenges facing DUTB over the coming years.

After the board meeting, Dr. Miha Juhart, chairman of the DUTB Board of Directors, said: "The non-executive directors had our work cut out for us, since we received applications from many qualified candidates. Taking into consideration the statutory requirements, candidate selection criteria, DUTB's strategy and vision for future development, I believe we have chosen suitable candidates. DUTB is approaching a pivotal point and has many challenges down the road over the coming years. We are starting a new chapter. I would like to sincerely thank our incumbent executive directors Janez Škrubej and Aleš Koršič for the exemplary job they have done over the years. Both were involved with DUTB practically since the beginning, and they share the credit for DUTB's successful performance today."

The international call for applications for the executive positions in DUTB was open between 10 July and 25 August this year. We received applications from 30 candidates. The selected executive directors will take office after the current executive directors' mandates expire, having regard to the current executive directors' contract notice periods and any other relevant obligations.