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DEADLINE EXTENDED - Call for binding bids to participate in the joint venture project "Glince"

Bank Assets Management Company, d.d., Davčna ulica 1, Ljubljana,  acting in its own name and on its own behalf, hereby publishes this Call for Binding Bids to Participate in the Joint Venture Development Project "Glince".

BAMC is the owner of the real estate – buildable land plots with a total floor area of 5,332 m2 for building phase 1 of the Glince Project, ID nos.:  

  • land plot 1755 454/2 (ID 3368234),
  • land plot 1755 454/4 (ID 6471612),
  • land plot 1755 456/8 (ID 6456250),
  • part of the land plot 1755 507/5 (ID 6471614), which after the parcellation is finalized will be consolidated into land plot 507/6 with a floor area of 3.595 m2,  

which it seeks to develop further. For this purpose, BAMC is publishing this Call for Bids, in an effort to identify the most suitable partner to take part in the joint venture involving further real estate development, one that is able to take on the risks anticipated in subsequent phase of the Glince project and maximize the return on investment.

The starting amount of the cash investment to procure the equity share in the SPV (50.01%) is set at 1,270,000 €, whereas lower bids shall be deemed unsuitable/incomplete.

The deadline for submission of binding bids is extended from the original 30 April 2018 to 07 May 2018, where the bids shall be considered to have been submitted in a timely manner if delivered to BAMC’s address by the aforementioned date, at or before 15:00 hours.

It will be possible to conduct the due diligence review process on any business day between 13 March 2018 and 23 April 2018 (inclusive), until 15:00. The due diligence review shall be performed in a virtual data room on a 24/7 basis. During this period the bidders will have the possibility to submit written questions. Written responses to any question from any bidder participating in the process have to be distributed to all other participants.

Link to BAMC Real estate advertisement >>.

Call for binding bids Glince_13.3.2018.pdf

Investment program.xlsx